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Jan 3, 2013 10:20pm EST
met with 1985, the first international aids conference in atlanta, georgia, which fit almost in this room. hard to believe because the coming aids meeting will have about 25,000 people. first of all, i think we could have possibly imagined in 1985 that that meeting that we were at the front end of something that would still be around in 2012, that would by then had sickened or killed about 74, 75 million cuban beans. that in 2012 would be 34, 35 million people live with this disease on every continent on earth. but what i remember most distinctly about that meeting is there with a moment when this tall white guy was translating for a much shorter sire a fellow, dr. pizza and a cluster of us were standing around you and "the wall street journal" reporter, who was absolutely sure that hav was a gay disease wouldn't accept the notion of general heterosexual transmission sent to dr. pizza, isn't it true that africans have sex with monkeys? and i remember this guy trembling with rage. your face changed colors and get you near you had to translate. what the capita's response? >> ye
Jan 4, 2013 8:00pm EST
was in afghanistan in court and his wife had his assistant network gave him a plane ticket to atlanta to baltimore because her mother lives in baltimore. so she had him flying to bwi and spend the night with her. but she called him in saint john, there's a thousand dollars plane ticket waiting for you at the delta cantor in atlanta. biotherapy to that bill signing and he really had a good time. he really enjoyed himself. he got to meet a lot of people and it was good, somebody asked him what he did for close. he did not go back, but he stopped at pennies than oxford and bought him a shirt. he had fresh clothes and it was good. he was there, washington attorney was there and kevin russell was the one who had to italy with me because john was the first choice, but he had a court trial, so you didn't go. kevin tells his harvard students now that he lost the biggest case of his site. i tell people they didn't pay in many brought me a pair of italian leather shoes. so it's really been interest in life. a lot of places i go i don't have any money. i don't have any money that i can't. i may speak to a gr
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2